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My name is Shelly Straub

My 20-something year old daughter said to me "Mom, when I have kids I plan to homeschool them and I want you to teach them budgeting and finances."

As an entrepreneur, that's a great compliment but as a Mom - that takes the cake!

Knowing I bring value to my kids lives and knowing they want me to bring that value to their kids lives... well that just gives me all kinds of warm and fuzzy.

I have helped dozens of family, friends and strangers alike... create a budget plan that works.  I have encouraged feelings of empowerment.  I have reduced debt stress.  I have helped remove the lack mindset around money.  All these things I have done for others, also does something for me... makes me feel great because I was able to help someone who was feeling the way I once did.

I have felt like I was drowning in debt and there was no way out.  Life is just too short to let those feeling take over your existence and create unnecessary stress in your daily life.

I can help you.

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FREE Budget Planner

The guide contains a monthly paid bills tracker, weekly allowance worksheet, personal loan tracker, weekly finance routine worksheet, credit card and password tracker!

The download is a printable PDF document.

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